Lars Thinks Trump Is The New Napster?

Apparently, there is a bigger bully on the block and Napster according to Lars Ulric of Metallica:

METALLICA’s LARS ULRICH Will Consider Moving Back To Denmark If DONALD TRUMP Becomes President

published: 10/4/2016 9:16:32 PM +00:00

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich says that he might consider returning to his native Denmark if Donald Trump wins the U.S. presidential election. Speaking with Denmark’s Ekstra Bladet, Lars — who moved to the U.S. in 1980, when he was only 17 years old — said (translated from Danish): “I am a hundred percent Danish citizen, I pay taxes in the USA but I can’t vote in America.” Asked whether he would move back to Denmark if Trump gets in the White House, Ulrich replied: “Yes, certainly sometimes I think about moving home to Denmark. “I’ll stick to my Danish passport. If Trump becomes president

Even though they were released before I was born “Master of Puppets” and “Ride the Lightning.” I can remember hearing ” Enter Sandman” as a kid and think “man, these guys are slipping”. Then they went off on that 20-year tangent into “Loads/Reload/St. Anger” and by that time I was older and saw it for the pure rubbish it was.

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Then they “returned to their roots” a few years ago with that “Death Magnetic” album and for me it was a case of just “too little too late”.

Everyone seems to be raging about how great the new Metallica album is, but I just don’t hear it. It sounds just like the last one and is nothing that exciting.

But that’s just me:

Chuck Armstrong: I dig it. If you listen to the lyrics and the ferocity with which they’re sung, there’s no denying “Hardwired” is a dark, bleak song. Look at some of the other track titles: “Now That We’re Dead,” “Am I Savage?” “ManUNkind,” and “Murder One.” This is going to be a heavy album, not just musically, but thematically. What better way to lift up that message than with implanting self-destruction right in the title?

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I gave my opinion because that’s what music writers do, but I would like the pass do you torch on to the people so they can decide if “Hardwired” is a return to the glory days are just hype. Here is the video for the single day just debuted:

So what do you think? Is the new Metallica “all that”?

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