The Sebastian Bach “Career” Ending Video

Are you ready for the Sebastian Back Career Ender?

The Sebastian Bach Career Destroyer

Not that Sebastian Bach really has had a career to speak of since the 1980s and his heyday with SkidRow!

I’ve heard of a “celebrity sex tape” but never one this embarrassing!

Leave comments if you want to, I can’t promise you how long this video will stay up!

I used to be in Skidrow till…

I’m not sure what is worse being a gardner (not thta bad really), being in Skidrow, or being replaced by Sebastian Bach?

It’s Easy To Throw Away Rock Star Opportunity

My best friend is missing. Or, at least, I haven’t been able to find him for the past 15 years.

Search engines. Facebook, LinkedIn. I searched obituaries. The Internet is useless.

I found his brother instead, Matt Fallon (real name: Matt Frankel). Matt was merciless with us when we were young and he was three years older.

We were scared of him all the time and he would smell our fear and punish us accordingly.

Matt was the lead singer of the multi-platinum thrash metal group Anthrax. Then he was the lead singer of the multi-platinum hair metal group Skid Row.


I don’t know Anthrax is knda cool:

But uhhh….


Photo soure:

Oy vey!